Solar Installation Service

Solar Installation Service
Complete Solar Solutions

We Complete solar provides end-to-end Solar PV Solutions. We conduct a thorough assessment of your solar needs and document them in detail. Based on the same, customized PV Solutions are implemented to convert sunlight directly into electricity by means of photovoltaic cells. 

We expertly design solar plans including its technical structure, in such a way that the phenomenon of reflection is effectively utilized to produce heat, and later generate solar power. Once we finalize the design and components, we initiate the installation of the rooftop solar plant. ​ 

Once the solar panels are installed, we connect the system to your meter. The next step is Net Metering application & enablement and finally, commissioning of the system  when it starts generating electricity. ​ 

We Supply of all project related material.(such as PV modules, invertors, structures, etc.)

During the entire process of solar installations, we ensure compliance with benchmarked energy practices defined by various national and international regulatory bodies.


Our solar PV systems  across Pune have been performing above the average industry standards, giving stellar annual yield performance.


Once we finalize the design and components, we initiate the installation of the rooftop solar plant. ​ 

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Complete solar  is a market leader in providing custom designed end-to-end Solar Rooftop and Ground Mounted Power Solutions for commercial and Industrial organizations in Pune, India.


EPC is Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. In solar industry EPC term is used for providing end-to-end solar services from designing the system, procuring the components and installing the project.

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Approvals And Liasoning
  • Approvals and Liasoning is the initial phase in any Solar Power project. 
  • Project registration at MNRE (Ministry of Non Renewable Energy) nodal agency.
  • LTOA (Long Term Open Agreement) related works
  • Plant commissioning certificate
  • PPA (power purchase agreement) with private/government
  • Land related paper work 
  • REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) related SLDC Registration, 
  • Accreditation Certificate
  • NLDC Registration
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