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Luminous is a global powerhouse as well as a local favorite in the solar solutions segment. Our best-in-class products and top-of-the-line workmanship, assure you of a hassle-free journey.

We are trusted by our customers for our R&D technology and manufacturing experience, and also favored for our high quality and reliable  products.

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We Are Official Partners Of Luminous India Product.

Luminous India Product
We offer the following products
Solar Panel

Luminous offers widest range of Solar Panels 

Solar Batteries

Luminous offers the widest portfolio of Solar batteries

Solar Inverter

Luminous offers wide portfolio of Solar Inverters and UPS

Solar Controller

Luminous offers complete range of solar controllers

Solar Package
There are various kinds of Solar system you can choose from such as: DC based system, AC based with backup (Off grid), AC based without Backup (Grid Tie).
Solar Systems with Battery (PWM Based)
Solar Systems with Battery (MPPT)
Solar Systems without Battery
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