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About Complete Solar
Solar Company in Pune, India

Complete Solar has been committed to combining energy efficiency with solar power, caring for the planet and providing superior customer service. We  provides relevant and economically viable eco-friendly solutions that impact the environment in an extremely positive manner by significantly reducing green-house gas emissions.

At Complete Solar, we stand apart from others in the field on the account of being driven by innovation, possessing a superbly skilled young work force that is always ready to accept challenges. 

With climate change becoming an increasing reality, it is essential that we turn to more ecologically and environmentally friendly forms of energy. By using innovative technology, our vision at Complete Solar is to power a new era in solar energy. We wish to provide people with a viable source of energy that is affordable, reliable and will only help secure a clean and green future.

Our experts can provide information and advice on: 

  • Solar power for your home 
  • Solar power for your business 
  • Solar and battery systems 
  • Off-grid solar power 
  • Solar system monitoring technology 
  • Industrial solar installations
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Our goal is to provide customers with an easy, affordable way to go solar and start saving money.



To become most Trusted name for quality Solar solutions in Maharashtra by 2024, We strive to provide world class, innovative, cost effective and accessible green energy products and solutions to make the world a sustainable place to live for our future generations.



Our mission is to make Solar Installation affordable and sustainable and Provide one-stop solution of clean energy and become industry leader.

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